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Why do I get Unsolicited Mail?

Information is being collected from websites and online forms, whether for information or as a subscriber.  Public domain information, this information is available from sources such as the Edited Electoral Register (EER), Land Registry information, Companies House and all of this information can be used by Marketing Service Providers and Data Brokers to enhance marketing accuracy, but this does not necessarily mean it will be of guaranteed interest to the receiver.

What happens when I register with The Preference Centre (TPC)

When your details are registered on our site we immediately notify the Service Subscribers that you no longer wish to receive marketing information from them or from their clients, and this will then be removed - IF THEY HAVE YOUR DETAILS - as not all the subscribers will.


While this is immediate it can take some time for this to be effective as marketing campaigns are sometimes planned months in advance and the target marketing has been selected prior to this suppression being recorded. 

Why am I still getting  unsolicited marketing?

When your details have been registered with TPC the Service Subscribers will keep your details on a suppression list so that they won't provide your details for marketing purposes after the date of notification. If you have received marketing it will not be from a Service Provider but from another company that does not use TPC.

Can The Preference Centre act on my behalf with other marketing agencies?

If you provide TPC with written permission we will notify or register your details with the main suppression providers who are not TPC subscribers, however we will not contact every business in the UK as this is not logistically possible. 

Can The Preference Centre stop mail from previous residents of the property?

Yes, we can register a previous resident of a property and this will prevent any postal marketing addressed to them from any of our subscribers.

What happens if I move house?

If you move house you will need to register your new details with TPC again. Your registration in your previous property will stay active.

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