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About Us

The Preference Centre's aim is to provide clear and professional advice on all data compliance matters to  both individuals and businesses alike.

How do we do this?


By working closely with the companies who have registered with us, and providing them with a full Data Protection Officer service.

By assisting individuals in their mission to establish what information a company holds about them and provide this information to the individual in a clear written response.

Our Data Protection Officer Service

We provide businesses with expert data protection advice and guidance and handle all data compliance matters with a dedicated Data Protection Officer.

Many businesses find it difficult to manage data compliance. The Preference Centre have a team of experts on hand, which allows us to handle subject access requests swiftly.


We operate a automated ticketing system that provides traceability for both the individual requesting the information and the company holding it.


Our Unsubscribe Service


Our Unsubscribe Service provides benefits for individuals and businesses.


When an individual registers their details with us they are giving us permission to add those details to our suppression register.

Once the details are added to our register we inform all companies registered with The Preference Centre of the individuals request. The companies will then remove those details from their marketing database and stop all marketing activities for that individual.

Reputable marketing companies are keen to remove individuals who do not wish to receive marketing from their databases and all companies registered with The Preference Centre have agreed to abide by these terms.

Direct marketing is very much part of our lives and while this activity is lawful, companies that carry out direct marketing must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations that have been enacted into UK law under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Our mission is to help individuals who do not want to receive marketing to achieve their wish and also to help companies to only market their products and services to interested individuals.

Individuals wishing to register with us can do so on our Home page.

Companies interested in registering with us can get in touch via our Contact page.

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