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The Data Partners are a group of responsible publishers who comply with the latest Data Protection laws which permit contact for marketing purposes in accordance with GDPR which with the Data Protection Act 2018 and other legislation that is applicable to your privacy, forms the data protection regime in the UK which also allows sharing of your information with third party companies either directly or indirectly via a data broker who may legitimately process your data or contact you with details of offers, products, promotions or services from companies operating in specified sectors.


Direct marketing has been recognised explicitly as a legitimate interest in the GDPR (recital 47) provided this interest isn’t outweighed by the effects it will have on the relevant individuals. On that basis, to help make advertising more relevant to you and full of offers that we hope you’ll find relevant, your data may have been passed to Marketing Service Providers and Data Brokers  who may combine this information with data from other sources, analyse and profile it (such as by predicting product preferences) and pass their knowledge on to other companies to help them find the perfect offer for you. They may also pass on your name and address so that other companies can contact you about products, services, and offers that they think may be relevant to you.

Direct marketing has been recognised explicitly as a legitimate interest in the GDPR (recital 47)

These companies may also help to match up your different online identities so that the companies that you already deal with can reach you online. They may also use this data to help make their products and adverts even better. Your data may also be used by research organisations to help add insight to their analysis – but they will never use the data to contact you.


If you do not wish your data to be used in this way then please Register your Unsubscribe or opt out using the form below and we will remove your details from our marketing databases and suppress your data immediately.

The Preference Centre is owned and controlled by the Data Partners who each receive the information registered here as suppression information to prevent further third party marketing.