Marketing Service Providers and Data Brokers who are clients of the Data Partners

The companies listed below use The Preference Centre so that when you unsubscribe here we inform the following companies and they will remove your details from the data provided by the data partners

Acxiom Ltd
Blueberry Wave Ltd
Bluesky Media LLC


Bridge Marketing LLC
Call Credit Ltd - Now Trans Union
Cloud Digital Communications Ltd
Datatonomy Ltd

Data On Demand
DataMixx Ltd

Mixxit Media Ltd
DBS Data Ltd

Direct Data Services (DDS) Ltd


Edit - St Ives Group
Email Marketing PVT Ltd
Experian Ltd
Equifax Ltd
Equinity Data Ltd

GB Group Ltd
Global Telemarketing Services BV

Ideal Media Today Ltd
Indicia Ltd
Intelligent Communications Ltd


Modern Business Solutions LLC
Newscore Media LLC

Omnis Data Ltd
Response One Ltd

REaD Group

The Ark (CM) Ltd

Zeta Global LLC

The Preference Centre is owned and controlled by the Data Partners who each receive the information registered here as suppression information to prevent further third party marketing.