About Us

The Data Partners are a group of responsible publishers who comply with the latest Data Protection laws which permit contact for marketing purposes in accordance with GDPR which with the Data Protection Act 2018 and other legislation that is applicable to your privacy, forms the data protection regime in the UK which also allows sharing of your information with third party companies either directly or indirectly via a data broker who may legitimately process your data or contact you with details of offers, products, promotions or services from companies operating in specified sectors.


The Partners created the Preference Centre so consumers can register their preference with the Partners to be suppresse3d from receiving third party marketing.

The Partners suppress your details and ensure their Clients are either notified of this suppression or do not receive suppressed data as Article 17 of EUGDPR requests. The Preference Centre is designed to help reduce the frustration of trying to remove your details from marketing lists. All businesses want to legitimately promote their products and services but no business wants to cause upset and frustration from receiving unwanted marketing.


The Preference Centre is owned and controlled by the Data Partners who each receive the information registered here as suppression information to prevent further third party marketing.